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Eat Healthy Like Bethenny Frankel With These Tips

Bethenny Frankel’s Healthy Eating Tips

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Reality star and natural chef Bethenny Frankel loves to give advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle, but she's not about to tell you to adhere to a strict diet and exercise plan that leaves no room for fun. We asked Bethenny — who recently launched a line of nonharsh, high-fiber detox supplements called Skinnygirl Daily — to share her favorite diet tips with us. Whether she's on the road, at a party, or eating with her family, read on to learn what Bethenny Frankel eats to stay in tip-top shape!

Stock the Fridge With Healthy Staples

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Bethenny Frankel says to stock your fridge and with staples, so throwing together a healthy meal is easy and fast. "I use whatever's in my kitchen," Bethenny says. "Right now in my freezer I have ground white meat turkey; in my refrigerator I have some feta cheese, and I also have frozen spinach in the freezer so I might make spinach-feta turkey burgers. I have half an onion here so I might sauté onions. I have arugula and cherry tomatoes so I would maybe cut those in half [and make a salad]. I have some turkey bacon so if I got aggressive I could put some of the turkey bacon on the salad."

Feeling inspired by your fridge? Check out our Healthy Recipe group for ideas on what to make.

Have Fun; Vary It Up!

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Bethenny says she never eats the same thing twice in a row, which keeps her motivated to eat healthy. "Today I had a scooped out toasted whole wheat bagel. Yesterday I had oatmeal and half of a muffin — because I was on the road — and today for lunch I had a shrimp salad," Bethenny says. "Yesterday I had gnocchi with my husband at lunch. It’s different every single day. That’s the key to being naturally thin — not being so regimented."

It's OK to Indulge

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One of Bethenny Frankel's favorite philosophies? "Your diet is your bank account." What that means: go ahead and indulge, but don't go overboard. "So if you are in the mood for chocolate cake one day, if you really, really want it, you should have it," she says. "If you have something in the morning that is not ideal then have something at lunch that is more ideal. It’s a better investment, and you balance it throughout the day so you end up having everything you want — just not all at once."

Have a Happy Hour, Mindfully

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The creator of Skinnygirl margaritas knows a thing or two about the calories lurking in your cocktail. When she's not imbibing her own mixes, she turns to another favorite — vodka sodas, which are about 100 calories. "You can take a flavor vodka, like a fruity flavor vodka, with club soda and then a little splash of your favorite juice and then pick either a lemon, a lime, or an orange to make it a whole fun thing," Bethenny says.

Eat More Fiber; Drink More Water

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"The problem with me is I don’t eat as much salad and as much greens as I would like to — I’m not always in the mood for a green salad every single day," Bethenny says, so she pours a packet of her Skinnygirl Daily supplement into her water to ensure that she gets enough fiber and also drinks enough water throughout the day.

Fiber is a tried-and-true debloating and detoxing nutrient, so try snacking on these high-fiber food combos to increase your fiber intake.


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