Dining out the healthy way

One easy way to make diet-friendly choices while eating out is to review the menu before you go. How? Plenty of restaurants have web sites where they post their menus, so do a search for the venue you're considering. Or check out one of the sites below, they all have data on the biggies, like McDonald's, but each has it's own unique collection of dining spots.

Scroll down to Eating Lean on the Run. You can download the document so you have it for reference. Includes Canadian-based chains, like Tim Hortons.

See the Fast Food Facts section and checkout the details on Starbucks, Sbarro and Krispy Kreme, among others.

This site has useful quick-reference highs and lows lists for all the chains they cover, so you can find out, for example, which sandwiches and salads have the most and the least calories.