You know that having a healthy diet plan is important – but you also need to know how to avoid overeating triggers and pitfalls.

Here are the triggers and pitfalls to avoid:

Fitness Facts: Not having a plan can lead to weight gain

Hoping you'll reach your weight-loss goals by luck alone can easily lead to extra calories and unwanted pounds. Map out your meals whenever possible and think ahead when you know you have to attend a party, are going on vacation, or need to travel for work.

Fitness Facts: Feeling deprived can hurt your weight loss in the long run

Giving in to your desire for a second piece of cake may feel good at the time, but you will pay for it later. Give yourself the occasional treat and you'll be more apt to turn down bigger, diet-busting ones later on-and stick with your healthy habits.

Fitness Facts: Peer pressure needs to be resisted; here's how

Going along with your girlfriends' yen for nachos grande and a pitcher of margaritas seems like the sociable thing to do, but it's not a smart choice if you're trying to maintain a healthy weight. Ask your friends to come over for happy hour and serve up lighter homemade options, such as veggie pizza.

Fitness Facts: Fatigue can lead to poor choices

Being tired means you're more likely to grab foods that are readily available, which often translates to the high-calorie fare your body craves to boost energy. Get your seven or eight hours a night and work out regularly for guaranteed boost.

Fitness Facts: "Stuck Syndrome" can lead to overeating

Ever feel like you're hopelessly trapped in a meeting or social gathering? Restlessness can lead you to eat whatever's within reach as you search for relief. Instead focus your attention on brainstorming or pick out a new person and introduce yourself.