Do you find yourself in a continual routine of dining out or ordering in as a way to ease your busy lifestyle? Today with more demanding work and family schedules, women increasingly opt to forgo homemade meals for a quick fix. Although ordering meals from a restaurant has its perks, studies have shown that women who choose to do so for a majority of their meals lead unhealthier lifestyles than those women who prepare their own food throughout the week. In general, women who eat out consume half of their daily-recommended calories in one sitting. In addition, they take in more fat and less vegetables than women who cook their own meals. Although restaurants can provide a level of convenience and comfort, they can also be a detriment to your body. Try to limit the number of times you dine out or order in during the week. However if you find yourself in a restaurant, select steamed or roasted dishes that are high in vegetables, and make sure to ask the chef to hold the butter and oil. Remember, cooking at home does not have to be a stressful, all-day affair.

Although eating out is convenient, research shows that women who do so every night consume more fat and fewer veggies than those who make dinner at least once a week. Whipping up your own meal is as fast and easy as tossing whole-wheat pasta with thawed frozen veggies and tomato sauce.