September 26, 2014
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Socializing, in general, is the hardest hurdle to cross when you're watching your weight. Everything from business lunches to weddings present more opportunities to eat, sit still, and be super polite about it. Add dating to that mix and it can feel like a lost cause, except it's definitely not!

There's no reason you can't fall in love, or at least have some fun, while mingling with a potential partner. Your "diet" will not get in the way; if anything, it will force some creativity for more fun, interesting date ideas.

Meet for Drinks

If the date is a casual stop for drinks, trade the bar for the barista. A couple of cocktails or glasses of wine can fill you up with a few hundred empty calories, not to mention the loss of your inhibitions. Suggest the date at a cool coffee shop or tea house, somewhere off the beaten path. Go easy on the caramel, whipped cream, and syrup flavors. A simple cup of joe or tea will let you focus more on each other and less on your high maintenance mocha needs.

Dining Out

"A good old-fashioned dinner is the number one favorite first date activity of singles," reports in their fourth annual Singles In America survey. Don't ever skip meals, but plan ahead by eating lighter during the day if you're unsure where the dinner plans may be. If the location isn't a surprise, pre-game by reviewing the menu and knowing what fits into your food plan. With 95 percent of singles being turned off by picky eaters, according to, you can skip the part where you ask the waiter to design a meal just for you!

Dining In

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then play the hostess with the mostess. After a few dates, a quiet meal at home could be a welcome reprieve from crowded and expensive restaurants. As host, you control the menu, which means you can dazzle with your cooking prowess over a lighter menu that won't weigh you both down afterward.

Spend a cozy time with a variety of tapas for a small plates, small talk experience. Try these 30-minute Hoisin Chicken Lettuce Wraps.

Play Hard to Get

Especially after a first or second date, it's time to move things along, literally. Don't just sit around eating and gabbing for hours, at the very least take a leisurely walk around a beautiful park or your city's botanical garden, riverfront, or other point of interest. A few other date-friendly activities include a bike ride using Citi Bike or B-Cycle. Go skiing or hiking if your neck of the woods allows for bigger adventures. Dare to meet in broad daylight for a round of golf.

Get to Second Base

If the date is on his terms-say a ball game or tailgate party-there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the date without worrying about your weight. Take it easy on the beers and opt for light beer when available. Stand up and cheer every chance you get and dive in on touch football or a game of catch-he'll love that you can easily hang with his crew! Take advantage of a long walk if you can't park near the stadium, it presents a lot of opportunity for holding hands and logging your 10,000 steps.

And depending on where that takes you, here's 4 Good Reasons to Have Sex Tonight.

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