Don't let the season of endless holiday parties derail your diet. Here’s how to eat, drink, and be merry with a side of mindfulness

December 04, 2014
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Party season is here and what will you wear? We'd rather you sweat over which outfit to wear to the company shindig than what you'll eat or drink while you're there. After all, it's one party, one buffet, one open bar and having one big splurge night is not that big of a deal.

But we did just celebrate Thanksgiving. And your calendar likely has a few of these holiday soirees to attend. With that in mind, here's how to eat, drink, and be merry with a side of mindfulness so you don't derail your weight loss progress.

At the Bar

A Jack & Coke is on the high end at nearly 200 calories, with champagne being the lightest at 96 calories. Beer and wine both fall in the 120-170s.

So pick your poison, enjoy one or two stiff drinks at the start of the night, and then take it easy from there. Cranberry and club soda with a twist of lime is the perfect mocktail, as it looks like a festive boozy beverage but clocks in at less than 30 calories!

At the Buffet

Eat small and you can have it all! Instead of serving up full-sized portions of each dip, casserole, and roasted meat option, take a two-bite serving. This way you get to enjoy a little bit of everything and still feel completely satisfied.

To avoid the post-party binge bloat, here are a few things to consider:

  • Anything fried is going to feel heavy in your stomach
  • Stick to about an ounce of cheese to avoid digestive issues
  • Eat all the fruit and veggies you care to have
  • Take sauces and condiments on the side
  • If you're hungry for seconds, make it a big salad

At the Dessert Table

Indulge a little. Apply the same rule from the buffet, and you can have a couple of bites of the most tempting options.

If you're the hostess, make it easy for people to enjoy a little bit of everything with mini desserts: Think tiny cupcakes, half-dollar sized cookies, and bite-size triangles of brownies and bars. You can even shrink pies with these Crustless Pumpkin Pie Mini Muffins.

With Goodie Bags and Doggy Bags

Is your host making it impossible not to take home a container full of dinner leftovers? Then just say yes-and ditch the food later. It's easier than standing there fighting.

Same goes for the goodie bags. Poke around and keep a treat or two, but don't feel bad when you need to just let the rest go.

On the Dance Floor

Keep your body in active mode throughout the night. Stand for conversations, walk around to mingle, and definitely shake your groove thing after dinner. It's that moderate kind of activity that adds up and truly negates some of your food and drink choices.

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