Most of us only reach for our kitchen graters to shaveParmesan or to zest a lemon, but utilizing the toolevery day may help you shed a few pounds. "When ingredientsare grated, it seems like you're getting a bigger portion, soyou're satisfied with less," says Christine Gerbstadt, M.D., aregistered dietitian and a spokeswoman for the AmericanDietetic Association. In fact, a study published in the journalAppetite found that people believe they're being servednearly 50 percent more of a food when it's shredded.The next time you're adding high-calorie fare-like cheeseor chocolate-to a dish, grate it instead of slicing or dicingit. Not only will the smaller pieces save you calories (a cup ofgrated cheddar, for example, contains 77 fewer calories than acup of diced), they'll also spread more evenly throughoutthe meal, infusing every bite with flavor. Our favorite servingsuggestions: Grate cheese over steamedvegetables and chocolate overstrawberries or bananas.