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A List of Low to High GI Foods


FoodServing SizeGI Value Level
Low (55-less)
Asparagus½ cup*
Artichokes½ cup*
Broccoli½ cup*
Tomato½ cup*
Zucchini½ cup*
Green beans½ cup*
Prunes2 oz.29
Milk, skim, non-fat8 fl. oz.32
Ice cream, chocolate½ cup37
Apples, fresh1 sm. (4 oz.)38
Minestrone soup1 cup39
Chickpeas, canned½ cup40
Yogurt, fat-free, french vanilla w/sugar3.5 oz.40
Strawberries1 cup40
Dark chocolate1 oz.41
Carrots, cooked½ cup41
Orange1 sm. (4 oz.)42
Apple juice, no sugar added8 oz.44
Tomato soup, canned1 cup45
Sweet potato1 med (5 oz.)46
Linguiine, thick, durum wheat, cooked1 cup46
Bulgur, ready to eat½ cup48
Corn, sweet, on the cob1 med ear48
Peas, green½ cup48
Banana1 sm. (4 oz.)52
Medium (56-69)
White rice, boiled¾ cup57
Oatmeal, made from old-fashioned oats½ cup58
Basmati rice, white, boiled1 cup58
Bread, whole wheat, 100% stoneground1 slice59
Udon noodles, cooked1 ¼ cups62
Raisins2 oz.64
Beets, red, canned½ cup64
Brown rice, boiled1 cup66
Angel food cake, plain1/8 cake (2 oz.)67
Crossiant, plain1 sm. (2 oz.)67
High (70 + )
Bread, white1 slice71
Bagel, white1 sm.72
Shredded wheat½ cup75
Watermelon¾ cup76
Potato russet, baked1 med (5 oz.)77
Corn flakes1 cup77
Jelly beans1 oz.78
Brown rice, quick cooking¾ cup80
Oatmeal, instant1 cup82

* indicates little or no carbohydrates


Source: The New Glucose Revolution: The Authoritative Guide to the Glycemic Index-the Dietary Solution for Lifelong Health
By: Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller, Dr. Thomas M.S. Wolever, Kaye Foster-Powell, Dr. Stephen Colagiuri

Find a complete glycemic index list at the University of Sydney's Web site,


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