You're probably making all of them. Follow these tips from dietitian Chris Mohr to eat more mindfully.

March 27, 2018
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Healthy eating isn't just about what you eat; how you eat is important too. At its simplest, mindless eating is defined as "eating food without paying attention." This kind of distracted and emotional eating can cause you to ignore your body's fullness signals, which can end up leading to weight gain. In this video, registered dietitian Chris Mohr, Ph.D., dives into the three main types of mindless eating and shares his best strategies for becoming more mindful.

To start mastering the habit of eating more mindfully, take a few minutes to write out (or think about) all the things you were doing last night while eating dinner. Were you watching TV, checking email, chasing after the kids, listening to a podcast… heck, maybe all of the above? List them all out then take a minute to evaluate where there's room for improvement. (Here are even more mindful eating strategies you can try.)

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