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The Crazy Little Trick That Shows You Why You're Not Losing Weight


To all the women who have ever wondered why they're not losing weight despite eating a healthy diet, Today host Hoda Kotb feels your pain. And she has a surprising solution to the perpetually frustrating question of "I really don't eat that much, how am I gaining weight?!" All you need are a few baggies to get started.

The bubbly co-anchor shared her waistline frustrations on a recent show, saying that she'd recently gained a few pounds and was frustrated that her attempts to budge them weren't working.

"So you know when you have a good night 'cause you don't eat much 'cause you're in front of your boyfriend and then you get up in the morning and you work out and you're like, 'Yes, yes, yes'?" she said. "I got on the scale and [...] I was so ticked. You know when you look at something and you go, 'What happened?'" she added.​ Yeah, we've been there too.

But she shared some advice she received from her a secret weight-loss weapon—Today nutritionist Joy Bauer. Bauer told Kotb to pack a few resealable baggies in her purse and every time she went to eat something outside of her regular meals she was to put it in the baggie instead of eating it. And? Well, Kotb soon found out that those baggies filled up fast. She told viewers that the baggies helped her see just how much extra food she was eating throughout the day without even realizing it. (Check out these other small expert-backed diet tricks to lose weight.)

All those little sips, bites, tastes and snacks add up when it comes to calories. And the worst part is if you're not even aware of what you're putting in your mouth then you likely aren't enjoying it either, which takes all the fun out of eating in the first place. (Here's how to indulge in your snack cravings for less than 100 calories.) So if you're curious about what you're really munching on throughout the day, try Bauer's baggie test. You'll be surprised and then relieved to see just how much ends up in the plastic bags—and not in your stomach.


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