"I'm going to give myself Thanksgiving to enjoy the food my family put effort into making."

By Faith Brar
November 20, 2018
Photo: Instagram/@moritsummers

Trainer and fitness personality Morit Summers is the epitome of body positivity. With clients like Ashley Graham and Danielle Brooks, the founder of Form Fitness believes that every woman can reach her fitness goals, regardless of shape, size, or weight. That said, there's no "end" to the body-positive journey and no one is immune to mental struggles-which is why she recently opened up about her decision to go on Whole30. (Related: Morit Summers Didn't Let Body-Shaming Stop Her from Becoming a Celebrity Trainer)

"Here is my truth," she wrote on Instagram alongside a mirror selfie. "I didn't decide to do a whole 30 to lose weight, I did it because I felt myself slipping into a dark place."

Summers, who's been open about her struggles with food, thought that going on the 30-day diet would help curb her cravings. "I did it to curb the uncontrollable sugar cravings I was having," she wrote. "I did it because I wanted to prove to myself that sugar doesn't get to run my life." (Here's what your cravings really mean.)

But even after successfully completing the whole thing, Summers found that her cravings didn't go away. "My energy levels are up, I'm less bloated, and I do generally feel better emotionally," she wrote. "But the truth is, my cravings haven't gone away."

She realized that 30 days simply isn't enough time to overcome something she's dealt with her whole life. "Not everything is a fix, and that's ok," she wrote.

Even though her cravings are still a source of frustration, Summers isn't going to let that stop her from enjoying the holiday. "I'm going to give myself Thanksgiving to enjoy the food my family put effort into making, and then I'm going to hop back on the Whole30 train on Monday morning," she continued. (Related: Why Finding ~Balance~ Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health & Fitness Routine)

Summers' post is a reminder that living a balanced lifestyle is a lifelong process. There is no quick fix or finish line. As she puts it, "building habits takes time", and it's so true. Even though completing Whole30 didn't give her the exact results she wanted, it helped her realize that her cravings don't control her choices. "While I definitely still want chocolate, I don't need to eat it every single day and let the sugar control my emotions," she wrote. "I want to feel good and perform to the best of my abilities, and I want to be my best self."

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