Can hate really help you lose weight?

By Macaela Mackenzie
September 28, 2016

No matter how committed you are to setting fitness goals, chances are you might need a little help meeting them. So why not use something you're already super invested in-like this year's election-to supercharge your motivation? At least, that's what the website thinks you should do.

The super creative and somewhat cheeky site is based on a pretty simple idea: using your political frustrations as an incentive to meet your fitness goals. On the site, start by inputting your goal, whether it's to lose a few pounds before the holidays or to set a PR during your marathon next month. Then, pledge how much cash you'll cough up if you don't make your goals by the deadline.

Since the idea of losing a bit of money isn't high enough stakes for all of us, here's the real kicker: Trump Your Goals also asks you which major party candidate you don't support. If you fail to reach your goal, they'll donate your cash to that campaign. Womp womp.

The site is obviously pretty funny, but is there any merit to the idea that you can harness your hatred of something to crush it at the gym? Actually, yes.

Trump Your Goals points to a 2012 study from Chapman University finding that people were up to three times more likely to reach a given goal when cash was up for grabs. But you might be even more motivated by the idea of losing money. People were two to three times more responsive to losing cash than they were at the chance to earn it, according to a separate study published in the journal Cognition.

Basically, losing hurts. So if you're totally frustrated with this election season, go ahead and put your money where your mouth is.