Spring is in full swing, which means you may be putting pressure on yourself to slim down before summer. Weight loss can happen in just few weeks, but some strategies work better than others. We have two expert-recommended tricks that will rev up your metabolism, zap fat fast, and set you on a clear course toward slim well before summer actually starts. Let's do this!

First, grab a bowl: You're going to be eating a lot of soup. "To make a big, lasting impact on your weight, eat a diet that features fresh seasonal produce; basically a lot of vegetables in the form of soup," Mary Hartley, R.D., of New York City. "Broth-based soups are quite filling, very low in calories, and full of nutrients, especially in the spring. Add beans and whole grains to make it a full meal."

The idea of soup in the spring and summer may not seem as appealing as it is in the cooler months, but don't forget about cold soups. Not only are they full of fresh produce, but chilled soups like gazpacho can be quite refreshing in warmer weather.

Homemade soup is best: "To eat clean, I recommend cooking your own food as much as possible so you can control the ingredients you eat," says Hartley. Skip anything with "bisque" in the name, or butter or cream in the recipe. And be sure to make a large batch: One big pot can feed you for several days, which adds up to less overall effort and more overall weight loss. Win-win!

Of course, a change in diet alone will only get you so far. Adding small bursts of exercise to your routine will help you lose more weight, all without making you sweaty or hungry.

Lauren Martin, a NESTA-certified personal trainer in Boulder, CO, suggests zapping calories and enjoying the warming weather by taking few short walks throughout the day. "Even if you only walk for ten minutes at a time, at the end of the day those breaks can add up," she says. Add 30 more minutes of walking each day, and after a single week you'll have zapped nearly 1,000 extra calories.

By moving more and eating less, you'll see the number on the scale start rolling back almost instantly. But because neither of these strategies is "extreme," you're more likely to stick with them and see the results last, even when you ease up and switch to other healthy habits, like eating salads or seafood or hitting the gym during lunch. So go ahead and start small by making just these two changes as you prepare for summer. It won't feel like a lot of effort, and the results will definitely add up.

By Liz Simmons for