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Shake Up Your Routine, Melt Pounds

After months of bonding
with your couch, the needle
on the scale has crept
up and you're finally back to working
out. Before you pick up where you
left off, consider the results of a
recent study from the Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory in
Berkeley, California: When runners hit
the pavement again after a long
break, they didn't drop pounds until
they significantly increased their
mileage beyond what they used to
do. "Unless you gained a lot of
weight, if your routine only helped
you maintain your weight before,
that's all it will do now ," says study
author Paul Williams, Ph.D. To slim
down, add high–intensity intervals,
10 minutes to each cardio session, or
an extra workout each week. You'll be
back into your favorite jeans in no


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