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Think Thin, Be Healthy

It turns out thinking you're overweight
could be worse for you than being overweight.
In a new study in the American Journal of Public
Health, researchers asked 150,000 adults about
their current weight, their ideal weight, and
how often they felt unhealthy.The less satisfied
people were with their size, the more unhealthy
they felt,
regardless of how much they weighed.
"The brain is both the source of our emotions
and the control center for our physiology," says
lead author Peter Muennig, M.D. "So if you're
depressed or stressed, it changes things like
blood pressure. If these emotions are chronic,
that can lead to disease." To up your well–being,
focus on what your body can do, not how
many pounds it weighs. After you exercise, for
example, write down how far you ran, then
try increasing that number each time.


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