Q.I've been doing Advanced Tae-Bo four days a week for a year. I love it and have watched my butt, legs and arms get toned. The problem is my stomach: My abs are harder underneath, but I still have a flabby belly that just won't seem to go away. What else can I do?

A. "If your body is predisposed to storing fat in your abdominal area, you're just not going to have six-pack abs," says Dale Huff, R.D., a fitness trainer and nutritionist in St. Louis. It's simply not realistic for most people to have a perfectly flat midsection.

However, you still may want to vary your workout program. "It's great that you've found exercise that you enjoy, but you've gotten very efficient at Tae-Bo," Huff says. Introducing a new activity will challenge your body and may help you burn more calories, as long as the intensity and length of the workout is similar.