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Why You Should Try Our Shape Slim Down Fitness and Diet Plan

Chris Fanning

What started as a 30-Day Shape Slim Down Challenge in the January/February 2016 issue, has morphed into a comprehensive plan with social check-ins, a Facebook challenge, and even an opportunity to get in on an online diet bet to help you meet your goals. To take it one step further, our editors have created a companion e-book with 80+ pages of even more inspiration and advice you can read on-the-go.

What are you waiting for? Get the program now!

Whether you’re in the market to lose your first or final ten pounds, The Shape Slim Down is a no-frills plan based on science that will change your way of thinking about diets. When real women tried the plan, they trimmed an average of 3 inches from their waist and 2 from their hips—and lost up to 10 pounds. Those are results we can get behind.

Do yourself a favor and give The Shape Slim Down a try for four weeks. The realistic meal plan and calorie-burning workouts mean you don’t have to go too far outside your comfort zone to net results. If food is your weak spot, you’re in luck. Choose from 40 recipes made from whole, unprocessed foods that will help you get the biggest nutritional bang for your calorie buck. The recipes are easy and delicious. With healthy recipes for French toast, grilled cheese, pizza and s’mores, you won’t go hungry. And if you lack motivation to go to the gym, this plan has your name written all over it. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, and you’re set. Starting at 20 minutes a pop, the mix of toning and cardio sessions will target every muscle group.

So stop making excuses and take the next step toward a healthier you. Trust us. You won’t regret it. 

Get the SHAPE Slim Down e-book now!


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