Fitness influencer Alyssa Greene wants you to put your health and happiness before weight loss.

By Faith Brar

Plenty of brides-to-be are #sweatingforthewedding in an effort to look their best on their big day. But fitness influencer Alyssa Greene is reminding women not to take it too far. (Related: Why I Decided Not to Lose Weight for My Wedding)

In a recent Instagram post, Greene looked back on the wedding planning process and wishes she hadn't been so hard on herself. "Two years ago I was planning my wedding. I was so stressed out I couldn't eat, I had no appetite. I would cry if I had to take an unplanned rest day," she wrote. "Your wedding is an amazing life experience; and somehow we have been conditioned to believe the [smaller] we are... the more beautiful and worthy of wearing a dress we become. But who even set that standard?!?"

Greene has since gained all the weight back and found a happy, healthy balance. And she's a huge advocate for body-positivity, cautioning her followers about the dangers of restrictive diets.

"I think a lot of times women put so much pressure on themselves to have this drastic weight loss for the wedding when they're already beautiful as is," she tells Shape. "It's almost like a crash diet. You go months and months restricting and then what? Women need to remember that there's a difference between weight loss, getting 'fit' and going completely too far, forcing yourself to lose every last pound. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, but you have to ask yourself, at what price?"

Remember: "You're supposed to feel like the most beautiful person inside and out on your wedding day, and not feel inadequate because of some number you see."

So even if you're trying to shape up for your big event, her sentiments are a nice reminder to put your health and happiness first.

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