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Find tons of workout videos for weight loss, including yoga routines and other at-home exercises.

3 Mindless-Eating Mistakes Making You Gain Weight

You're probably making all of them. Follow these tips from dietitian Chris Mohr to eat more mindfully.
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The Best Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

These compound dumbbell moves will burn calories and build muscle—so you can torch belly fat even when you're not working out.
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The Best Tabata Workout for Beginners

Ease into Tabata (the magical 4-minute workout) with this beginner-friendly routine.
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The 9 Best Triceps Exercises You Should Be Doing Right Now

That one set of triceps extensions isn't doing your arms justice—here, the nine best triceps moves your routine needs.
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Does Gaining the Weight Back Scare You?

Real women who have successfully shed a combined 802 pounds discuss the complexities of life after weight loss
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The Best Yoga for Weight Loss Is This 10-Minute Fiery Flow

Think yoga can't help you lose weight? This flow (and your burning quads) will argue otherwise.