It was a day like any other. I grabbed the mail and flipped through it. Bills, junk, Shape, more bills -- wait, SHAPE! The January issue -- and the debut of my Weight-Loss Diary!

Hands shaking, I turned to page 62. Never mind my painstakingly crafted prose. That moment was all about seeing my picture. Let me tell you: Seeing yourself in a national magazine is harsher than seeing yourself in, say, a family photo. And the unveiling left me cold for a week.

Oh sure, I tried to make peace with it. I went about my daily rituals with the magazine, glancing at the picture from various angles while grabbing an apple or throwing my clothes in the dryer. Trying desperately to detect something familiar. But it didn't happen. That isn't what I really look like, is it?

Until the day I looked in the mirror and squinted. THERE SHE WAS. The girl in the picture, but less fleshy. I wonder how she'll look next month ...

-- Jill Sherer

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