In the April 2002 issue of Shape (on sale Mar. 5), Jill talks about being too self-conscious to get a massage. Here, she discovers a positive change in her body. -- Ed.

Guess what? The other day I was vacuuming the living room (no, that does not technically count as a workout), when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. And you know what I saw? A muscle curved around my upper right arm.

I nearly tripped over the vacuum cord. After all, I spend a fair amount of time examining my body for changes as a result of my new athletic lifestyle. Usually, I wind up reassuring myself that "It takes time, Jill. Just be patient." So imagine my surprise and joy when I spotted a muscle while cleaning under the coffee table. You'd have thought Ed McMahon was at my door with a check from Publishers Clearing House. I was that excited. All those kung fu kicks, lunges, presses and headlocks have actually manifested in more than just a sash and a pair of wrestling shoes!

Maybe next week I'll spot a cheekbone ...

For Jill's Month 4 stats and fourth complete Weight Loss Diary entry, pick up the April 2002 issue of Shape.

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