I just took an entire week off from exercise (not counting the abdominal work necessary to support a relentless cough) for the first time since I started the Weight Loss Diary project due to a bout with the flu. Seven whole days without working out, thanks to the aforementioned cough, a runny nose, stuffy head and sore throat.

You'd think I would have enjoyed the reprieve. After all, exercise is hard work. Well, you'd be wrong. Not working out completely freaked me out. Used to sprinting up six flights of stairs to my third-floor condo, this week I got winded at the second floor. And I spent the better part of my time checking my newly acquired chest muscles and tighter buns for atrophy. Fortunately, everything's still "holding up."

You can bet your own tight buns I'll be pumping iron like Arnold Schwarzenegger next week - while taking the cardio activities slow, so I don't relapse.

For Jill's Month 6 stats and sixth complete Weight Loss Diary entry, pick up the June 2002 issue of SHAPE.

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