In the March 2002 issue of Shape, Jill fantasized about performing complicated Shaolin kung-fu routines on Oprah for an audience of ex-boyfriends. Here, she realizes she's one step closer. --Ed.

I might be getting closer to being on Oprah (at least, I hope!). In the March issue of Shape, I shared my fantasy of joining the famous talk show host to perform a complex Bruce Lee routine for an audience of ex-boyfriends. While I'm still a ways from that, I am advancing slowly. This week, I traded in my white sash for the next color level in Shaolin kung-fu practice: my yellow sash!

So, what'd I have to do for it?

- Learn the basics, like how to throw a well-formed roundhouse kick, crescent kick and others, as well as how to make a proper fist, do recuperative breath and know the proper stances.

- Perfect my three-count side kicks, which my instructor, Sifu Dino Spencer of Iron Fist International, called "wobbly."

Now that I've gotten my balance, the real fun begins (sparring, yikes!). Stay tuned.

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