MONTHS 10 & 11: Jill Sherer celebrates her 40th birthday - and the healthy attitude she's formed over the last year.

MONTH 9: After months of consistent weight loss, Jill discovers the meaning of plateau. Here's how she hopes to get past it.

MONTH 8: A chance meeting with celebrity Ali MacGraw helps Weight Loss Diary writer Jill Sherer alter her body image.

MONTH 7: Weight-Loss Diary writer Jill Sherer tries her hand (or glove, rather) in the boxing ring.

MONTH 6: For the first time since she became SHAPE's Weight Loss Diarist, Jill gains a pound. Here, she reveals how that made her feel.

MONTH 5: Feed a cold, starve your fitness? After exercising faithfully for months, Jill is sick in bed for an entire week. Will her muscles show the difference?

MONTH 4: Months of grueling kung-fu workouts finally pay off; Jill gets her yellow sash.

MONTH 3: After months of training in the art of Shaolin kung fu and examining her body for rewards of greater strength, SHAPE's Weight Loss diary writer, Jill Sherer, spots the triceps she's been waiting to see.

MONTH 2: Jill Sherer, SHAPE's fearless Weight Loss Diary writer, describes the pain (and joy!) of having her fitness level tested.

MONTH 1: Weight Loss Diary Web Bonus: New Weight Loss Diary writer Jill Sherer reflects on her first column for SHAPE.

FIRST LOOK: A preview of the 2002 Weight Loss Diary writer, Jill Sherer

EXTRA: An explanation of the Weight Loss Diary stats

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