Updated: October 10, 2012

It has been awhile since my last post (wow, this feels like confession…LOL) and a lot has happened since my last update. I'm going to try and not make this too long but I can go on forever so please forgive me if it's a long read.

In my last post I shared with you that my goal was to hit 220 by the New Year. I wasn't able to reach this goal, however I was pleased with myself for still managing to lose 10 lbs in the month of December in the face of all of my favourite dishes (CHEESE, apple pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, crab dip and carrot pudding). I even managed to enjoy a bit of everything!

So there are two things that have helped me recently. One throughout the holidays and one to get myself back on track: my BodyMedia Fit and a trip to the Heartland Spa to start off 2011. I guess I will use the rest of this post to tell you how these two things have helped me…

BodyMedia Fit- Most people know this as the BodyBugg, which was made popular on the Biggest Loser. My husband bought this for me knowing that I am an information junkie and that I am always researching my life. This has been a great tool for me as it puts me in competition with myself. I plug in halfway through the day and then again at night to see how my steps, activity levels and caloric burn are adding up. Since using the tool, I find myself always trying to get up and move so that I can watch my numbers get higher and higher. As a result, I have a new standard of what an active lifestyle means to me.

The Heartland Spa- I could never have prepared myself for the healing and preparation for 2011 that would happen during my time at the Heartland Spa. Two hours outside of Chicago is where you will find this establishment committed to helping you learn how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle including healthy eating, fitness and relaxation. For me, I took away three great things from my five day trip:

  • AMAZING new recipes to enjoy healthy living at home without substituting health for flavour
  • Learning to relax through meditation and deep breathing exercises
  • Realizing that I can push my body A LOT harder than I thought I could

It was the last lesson that was the most important to me. I have been working out at the same level since starting my new healthy lifestyle in September. Classes like Cardio Kickboxing, Xertube Sculpting, Spinning and of course our 2-mile "Greet the Day" walk each morning forced me to stretch my limits. Most days I did the walk and two other classes a day and on the Thursday I did THREE classes plus the walk and one of those classes was my first spin class! The next time I am flustered trying to get through a 45-minute elliptical session I can remind myself of what I was able to accomplish at the Heartland and suddenly 45 minutes won't seem like such a big deal.

Since returning home, I have started attending the all women's gym around the corner from my house for some of their butt-kicking cardio classes. When was the last time you pushed your limits? I challenge you to get out there and do it today!

Happy Healthy Living!


Start weight- 270 lbs

Current weight- 222 lbs

Target weight- 145 lbs long term, 200 lbs by April 1st.



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