Updated: October 11, 2012


Breakfast: Oatmeal with chopped apple and soya milk

Lunch: Mashed potatoes/carrots/savoy cabbage with lettuce and hummous

Snacks: Banana, yogurt with sliced kiwi

Dinner: Wholemeal pasta with home-made tomato/vegetable sauce, mini corncobs, lettuce

total: 1770 kcal


Legs/Abs/Buns Class at the gym, 60 minutes


Today I felt a lot less hungry, probably because my workout session was less intense. It was good though. I tried to really do every exercise as well as I can in the class, not just do jumping jacks but actually jump high and with energy etc. I look forward to tomorrow's Zumba class, although I get very tired after that one. So intense.

I've been making a list of little rewards for each kilo I lose and have been looking at clothes I want to wear when I get to my goal weight. Planning to go on a shopping spree then, yay!