Updated: October 02, 2017

This weekend my best friend and her husband came over for dinner. I wanted to stick to my healthy eating plan, so I grilled up some chicken breasts while my friend brought a salad (complete with delicious butternut squash on top!). Dessert was a little trickier. I love chocolate cake, so I wanted to find a healthier way to make it. I bought a small box of reduced sugar chocolate cake mix and made it according to directions (it has half the sugar of the regular kind and only 2g of fat per serving). I spread half of it in the pan, topped that with some light cherry pie filling (so it resembled Black Forest cake), and added the rest of the batter before baking. Once it was cool I topped it with reduced sugar vanilla frosting mixed with espresso and cocoa powder (for flavor without any extra fat). It tasted great and was the perfect ending to our evening. Next time I might try one of these healthy chocolate dessert recipes that also use flavorful, low calorie ingredients like espresso. They sound really, really good!