Updated: October 11, 2012

So yesterday my husband and I had a very active day! First, because it was Sunday, we had our normal "Get Down and Disinfect" which is when we deep-clean our apartment. Then, we did the kettlebell workout from Shape...talk about a challenge! Finally, we finished it off by trying to trek the 23 flights of stairs from our lobby to our apartment. We didn't do too bad, we made it to floor 18! Next time I think we might make it all the way up. It is important to know that I have bad knees, so this was really an accomplishment for me!

Had an amazing dinner as well! Broiled Salmon with rubbed with indian spices(from the Virtual Trainer recipes), mashed cauliflower and sweet potato, zuchinni, red onion and peppers sauted with balsamic vinegar! YUM!

Happy Clean Eating everyone!




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