Updated: February 02, 2012

My journey is progressing at full speed! Was so happy when I got off the scale today and my weight loss had slowed down to a nice and healthy 3 lbs for last week. I feel like, this time, this is going to be my new lifestyle. It's not as hard as it's been in the past because I'm not trying to lose 20 lbs in 20 days or anything ridiculous like that. I never feel deprived and I don't try to workout until I'm practically passing out.

At this point, I feel much smaller on the inside than is showing on the outside but that doesn't discourage me at all. Energy and health and bigger goals for me than weight loss and they are coming along quite well. Nothing that requires me to get off the couch feels like the hardest thing to do anymore. I jump up and get stuff done. My mood is better and I feel good about myself and what I do.

For me, the biggest achievement so far has been looking in the mirror. Instead of telling myself I am fat, I am telling myself that I can conquer anything!



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