Updated: February 02, 2012

I went to a bridal shower luncheon last weekend and caught up with some friends I hadn't seen in awhile. They gave me lots of compliments about how slim I look, which was so nice to hear, but they also had tons of questions about my current habits. One friend asked if I was going to be able to eat lunch or if I was just going to have an energy bar instead. Another wondered if I was worried about which foods would fit into my diet, and a third assumed I wouldn't be able to have any dessert. I explained to them that I could find something to eat anywhere and still maintain my weight loss; I just had to be a little smarter about it. I ended up ordering grilled chicken instead of fettucini alfredo and had a small slice of the flourless chocolate cake someone brought. I know that as long as I make healthy choices most of the time, the occasional indulgence is just fine.



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