Facing my before pictures is helping me achieve my weight loss goals

By Yasmin Rammohan
Updated: February 02, 2012

When I was selected to be the 2012 Weight Loss Diary candidate, I was thrilled to say the least. After all, I get access to a life coach, trainer, and nutritionist for an entire year in which my main focus is to look and feel better!

Seeing myself in the pages of SHAPE every month is very surreal. I usually like the picture the photo team chooses, but cracking open the February issue was hard. All I could see were the many bulges peeking out from my hips. I wish the world didn't have to see my figure flaws, but this kind of raw exposure is par for the course when you sign up for a gig like this. While I didn't like the picture in the magazine, I didn't dwell on it because I realized that the girl you see is the real me! Raw and exposed without a bit of help from Photoshop!

The journey I am on is not easy, but I'm in it for the long haul. If my story can inspire just one reader to put down the bag of potato chips they're eating and pick up and apple instead, then my work is done.I have a year to reach my goals. I hope I can make the lifestyle changes necessary to get and stay trim and healthy for a lifetime. For now, I'm working on developing a thicker skin and a flatter tummy!


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