Updated: February 02, 2012

In my first column, I mentioned that I've had two closets stuffed with clothes ranging in size from 8 to 18. Each morning I'd end up running back and forth between my bedroom and the basement trying to cobble together an outfit that fits. I knew that this time could be used doing something more productive, like helping my son get ready for preschool. Janice Taylor, my life coach, pointed out that having all that clutter is creating unnecessary chaos in my life, and that my days would start much more smoothly if I just separated out the pants, skirts, and tops that are too small for me. That wasn't something I could do in the past though, because it would have meant getting real about how large I'd gotten.

But after having my body fat percentage taken, there's no living in denial any more. So tonight I went through my wardrobe and tried on every single thing I own, piling up too-big items that I plan to donate and "skinny" clothes that I'll store away until I lose weight. Now the only pieces hanging in my closet are ones that fit. It's so neat and organized that just looking at it makes me feel calm, relaxed, and happy.