Updated: February 02, 2012

For years I'd tried to stop myself from nibbling on the goodies that my co-workers brought to the office, but I'd always waiver and rationalize why it was okay to have a tiny piece of the banana bread or half of a cookie. But now that I've outlawed these sweets completely, I won't even consider taking a taste-I just don't need the extra calories. Plus, now that I'm bringing my lunch and snacks with me, I won't be starving at 3 p.m., which had always left me feeling extra vulnerable to the platter of cookies by the water cooler. Yesterday, my decision was put to the test. One of my colleagues brought in a huge plate of homemade brownies and offered me one. Without even thinking about how tasty they looked, I immediately said, "No, thank you." Feeling proud, I reached into my drawer, pulled out an apple, and got right back to work.