Updated: February 02, 2012

Did you know a three-ounce piece of chicken breast with skin has about 150 calories but the same size piece without the skin has only 100? And it's not just calories that make skin such a healthy-eating no-no. It's contains lots of saturated fat, which is horrible for your heart (and probably why it tastes so good!). Eager to eat healthier, I tried cooking skinless chicken and found it to be dry and tasteless. That's why I came up with a compromise. I sauté or bake the meat with the skin on and then remove it right before I eat it. This lets me get some of the taste and keeps the chicken juicy without making my meal too unhealthy. For even more flavor, I sprinkle some lemon zest under the skin before cooking. Here are 5 easy and healthy meals for leftover chicken too.



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