Updated: February 02, 2012

My husband recently got us a wonderful gift: an English Bulldog. Her name is Snookie (yes, after the one from Jersey Shore, but we added an "e" at the end to make it a little more original). I've never had a dog of my own before, so I had no idea what taking care of a puppy is like. I've come to find out she is a lot like a tiny baby. She gets up every two hours at night and cries until you come to her. And talk about energy-she goes all out until she crashes and falls asleep. I love her though. It's nice to have a little bundle of fur to keep you company during the day. I've been walking her until she's tired, taking her home, then going back out for another walk by myself. Turns out you can burn up to 250 calories just walking for half an hour! See how here. On the days it rains I have to get creative. I either walk around the house, room to room, or we do sprints across the living room. She's my furry reminder to get in some exercise each day!



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