Updated: February 02, 2012

Just when I think my schedule is totally full, something else comes up that I need to make room for. For example, this week, in addition to work, cooking, laundry, and cleaning, I'm helping with a fundraiser, chaperoning field trips, rushing to doctor's appointments (my son's and mine), and coordinating preschool pickup and drop-off with my husband. So it was only natural that something would fall off my plate, and lately it's been lifting weights. Two weeks slipped by without me doing the strength routines my trainer gave me. I know it's important though, so I asked my life coach, Janice Taylor, to help me get back on track. She suggested I approach my strength training like I do business meetings and put them into my calendar-in pen. Since there are only so many hours in the day, that means something else has to give. But so what if I wear my cardigan twice (okay, three times) before I take it to the dry cleaner? The half hour it takes to do that errand is better spent on myself.



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