I recently went away for the weekend with my family for a wedding. I didn't want all of the celebrating to sabotage my progress, so I brought along exercise gear and a cooler full of healthy snacks like yogurt, cottage cheese, and fruit for the trip. I was sure I'd come back from the weekend slimmer than when I left. But things started going awry at the rehearsal dinner when I had a glass of champagne. The bubbly wore away my resolve, and soon I was popping stuffed mushroom caps and chips with artichoke dip into my mouth. Dinner was sensible-salmon and a salad-but when they broke out the cheesecake, I went for it. The next morning I vowed to have a healthier day. I ate some yogurt and almonds, made use of the hotel's fitness room, and then ate a big green salad loaded with veggies for lunch. But the only dinner option at the wedding reception was chicken cordon bleu smothered in cream sauce. When all was said and done, I was two pounds heavier-and even though I knew this was mostly water weight, I was still bummed out. But this week I'm back on track. I know the weekend bypass, while disappointing, won't turn into a permanent detour.