Updated: February 02, 2012

Lesson for the day: Don't cook new recipes when you're congested. I made my own version of an old favorite, Hamburger Helper, with skim milk and extra lean ground beef. I thought it would taste good with onion powder and garlic, so I added some, tasted it, and put in some more. When my husband took his first bite, he turned to me and asked what was in it. I smiled and told him all the ingredients, feeling very proud of how healthy it was. He told me I was definitely my father's daughter, (a man who can find a way to work garlic into just about anything) because there was enough seasoning in it "to kill a vampire!" We had a good laugh and, bless him, he ate all of it. I was much less congested the next day (maybe from the garlic), and took a whiff of the leftovers. He was right! Luckily my dad swung by around lunchtime, so I gave him the leftovers. He ate every last bite.



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