Updated: February 02, 2012


[strengkth, strength, strenth]


1. the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor.2. mental power, force, or vigor.3. moral power, firmness, or courage.My relationship with strength is changing. A few months back, when I thought about the word strength, my focus was on how much of it I lacked. I wasn't strong enough to make healthy choices, my knee was too weak to start begin working out and I felt completely powerless to do anything about my health and lack of energy. Now, strength is on the forefront of my mind in a new and different way. I started this post with the definition of strength that I found on dictionary.com. There were far more than 3 entries but it was the top 3 that spoke to me the most. Physical strength, mental power and moral courage are the three forms of strengths that I am using and buildling upon everyday. Physical strength is obvious. I have been diligently following Bob's instructions on the Biggest Loser Bootcamp DVD and yesterday I start Level 2. It was crazy difficult but I never gave up, even as I lay in plank position and watched sweat drip onto my yoga mat. I don't allow my knee pain to get in the way; I modify any exercises I can't do to accomodate it and do everything I can to strengthen it. I would not be at the end of Week 5 of my lifestyle change if it weren't for mental power. Everyday I have to make the decision to eat healthy and it keeps getting easier and easier. Mental power allows me to get up in the morning and hop on the elliptical, it helps me to plan each of my meals for the day the night before and it gets me through the toughest of workouts. Finally, moral courage. This one was new to me. It might not exactly be about morals, but courage is definitely required. We need to be able to maintain focus when our friends encourage us to share a plate of nachos, or something else unhealthy, with them. Saturday night I went out for my good friend's birthday. My friends couldn't understand why I wasn't enjoying some cocktails with them, something that I would normally do. One person said to me, "Come on, Brandy, live a little!" I explained to them nicely that it was exactly what I was trying to do. By making healthy choices and getting myself back to a healthy weight, I was trying to ensure that I get to live A LOT! They smiled and told me they were proud of me. That night I was able to teach myself to change my view of a night out. Rather than drinking a bunch of wine and completely sabotaging all of my caloric goals for the day, I turned it into a calorie burning furnace by dancing for three solid hours! The best thing about strength is that it can be built! What are you doing today to improve your strength?