Updated: February 02, 2012

My nutritionist, Katherine Tallmadge, recommended I buy a Salter kitchen scale (salterhousewares.com) to help me keep a more accurate food journal. I got a small, modern-looking one that stands upright and takes up very little counter space. I was dreading using it, but it's so simple: Just put whatever dish you're going to use on top of the scale (like a salad plate, cereal bowl, or wine glass), and hit the button to reset the display (that way the weight of the dishware is taken into account and you're just weighing the food). Then pile on the veggies, shredded wheat, or Merlot until you reach the number of ounces you want. It's saved me from constantly having to wash measuring cups and spoons, and has made tracking my intake a lot easier. The only problem is that my 3-year-old thinks it's a fancy new toy and wants to use it to weigh his Play-Doh.