Updated: February 02, 2012

So yesterday I ended up spending the entire day at my old place of employment. I knew it had been a little while since I had seen most people but it didn't really hit me that I hadn't been there in 50 lbs of weight loss until I walked in the door. If I saw 100 people yesterday, I got 95 comments about my weight.

I like to think of myself as a pretty confident person and I am very proud of my accomplishments but I couldn't help but be annoyed by some of the remarks. Everyone else thinks that I'm crazy to not feel complimented so I really tried to look hard at why it was bothering me so much. My feeling is that I am doing this for MYSELF and my health. Not to make it easier for people to look at me. Sure, there are a lot of times when close friends and family tell me how fantastic I look and that they are proud of me. Because I know that there intentions come from a place of love and support it makes me happy to get these comments. It upsets me when I feel people try to make it about how I look when I have put so much effort into making it NOT about that for me (just a fabulous side effect of my newfound health).

What I find bothersome is when people say things like these real quotes from people yesterday:

"NOW I love you!"

"Oh my goodness, you look so great, you looked absolutely terrible before!"

"Keep it up!" (I can't tell you how much this one annoys me...unless it is from my Shape ladies who hear all about my efforts and it makes sense to say)

"How much weight did you lose?" (When it's not my close friend, why is it any of their business?)

So those are just a few, but overall, the annoyance came from not just a quick comment telling me I looked great but when that became the entire conversation. I'm not silly enough to think that I wouldn't be upset if people said NOTHING. I just wish they would simply say, "You look so much happier/healthier or great or whatever" and then leave it at that.

Am I being ungrateful? Has anyone else ever felt uncomfortable in situations like these?

Happy Healthy Living!


Start Weight- 270 lbs

Current Weight- 198 lbs

Target Weight- 145 lbs longterm, 187 lbs by May 31st



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