Updated: February 02, 2012

I haven't had too much trouble staying motivated this time so far which is weird. I don't know if it's the addition of Shape.com which really helps me to feel like I am part of a community or the tracking of my food or the support from my husband. All I can say is that I am happy with my decision and happy to keep doing it.

I do wonder when my motivation will start to waiver and I want to be prepared for it. In the past, I've written lists like this but they've always been on a scrap piece of paper that no one ever reads again (myself included). This time, I'm going to ensure that I, and anyone else who wants to, can read it to. Here goes:

Reasons to Continue

  1. I will live a long and happy life with my husband.
  2. I will feel stronger and healthier.
  3. I will feel accomplished.
  4. Taking the stairs will be an easy task.
  5. I can shop at any clothing store I like.
  6. I will be able to swim in public pools with confidence.
  7. I will reduce my risk for heart disease and diabetes.
  8. I will be able to ride rollercoasters and have the safety straps fit comfortably.
  9. I will lead by example for my loved ones who have not yet started their own journey.
  10. I will improve my flexibility.
  11. I will amaze myself everyday with my dedication.
  12. I will have pain-free knees.
  13. I will reduce back pain.
  14. My husband and I will continue to have fun activities to share that we both enjoy.
  15. I am worth it!

Do you have a list?



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