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Target Food Court to Start Selling Healthy Snacks, Meals

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It's often said that Target has a $20 cover charge—who hasn't gone into the store for eggs and walked out with a cute designer top, a mug shaped like a penguin, and a package of pens (and completely forgotten the eggs)? It's understandable you might need a quick snack to fuel those epic shopping trips. Good news for all you health-conscious foodies: Target just announced they're revamping their deli to serve less fast, fatty treats and more fresh, healthy eats.

Where you used to find hot pretzels, bottomless sodas, and corn dogs, the store says you'll soon see fresh salads, sandwiches, and even artisanal pizza. Certain stores will be testing the new program in Minneapolis where Target is headquartered, starting in October. They are rolling out several options including Freshii, a cafe serving salads and pressed juices; a smaller versions of the popular Minnesotan Italian restaurant D'Amico & Sons; and a spiffed-up Pizza Hut featuring a health-ified menu of "artisan" pizzas like margarita and barbecue chicken. (Surprised? Pizza Hut is actually one of 9 Chain Restaurants with New Healthy Fast Food Options.)

"We think this takes us a giant step in the direction of making a much better first impression," said Tina Tyler, Target's Chief Stores Officer, adding that they'd been receiving feedback that customers wanted higher-quality food in a casual environment in the stores.

Target has made similar moves toward healthier products in the past few years. First, they added grocery sections to their stores so customers could go to Super Target and score fresh produce among other products. Last year, they converted all products under their in-house grocery brand, Simply Balanced, to be GMO-free. And they not only have an activewear section, but also their own partnership with athletic clothing giant Champion, C9.

The new healthy deli program will only be in Minneapolis at first, but Target reps say they are hoping to bring it to their 1,800 other stores around the country soon. Until then, grab these 15 Smart, Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food instead. Now if you'll excuse us, we have some shopping to do!


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