May 07, 2009

December 23, 2008

I didn't think I'd like keeping a food diary for two reasons: I was afraid to see the results (see my December 11th blog), and the process of recording every morsel in a notebook felt too much like homework. But if I'm to be successful I need to follow the advice of my nutritionist, life coach, and personal trainer. And all three have stressed the importance of writing down what I eat.So, here's yesterday's journal entry:

9 a.m.-1 packet instant oatmeal, 1 can of Diet Coke

noon-giant salad with chicken, 1 can of Diet Coke

3 p.m.-1 apple, 1 piece of low-fat string-cheese

5:30 p.m.-handful of baby carrots, 1 piece of low-fat string cheese, 1 can of Diet Coke

8 p.m.-spicy grilled chicken with a side of guacamole, 2 beers (out to dinner with friends)

While there are still areas that need work, it's gratifying to see the improvements I've made so far. And even better is seeing how these changes translate to numbers on the scale. I don't envision myself keeping a food diary forever, but for now, it's a great way of staying on track.